Saturday, January 07, 2006

UK closes it's embassy in Amman

News reports are saying that the UK has closed it's embassy in Amman, based intelligence reports suggesting that terrorists want to hit a western target.

Now, the UK is free to do whatever she wants to protect her embassy and staff. However, I compare this attitude with that of the "allies" in Iraq, who have pressured Jordan to keep its embassy open despite a bombing of the embassy and kidnapping of Jordan embassy staff.

Now, the attitude to the Brits here is quite hypocritical, in addition to being cowardly. It's OK for Jordan to risk its people in order to send a message, and "not cave in to terrorism", but when the shoe is on the other foot, this is a different story.

Should we do as they do, or should we do as they say?

UPDATE: The embassy is back in business. No reason given why the eminent terror attack was called off.


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