Monday, March 27, 2006


Some people might be wondering why I haven't posting very much. I think it might be due to the fact that many of the things going on are continuations of issues I spoke about early, and so I have little to add. However, the way these things are playing out is driving me nuts. So indulge me as I remind and update you on these. After you read them you will see why I don't have the heart to write.

Chicken flu: After months of forewarning and supposed planning, a dead bird finally showed up that tested positive for H5N1. About 20000 birds were culled in the Ajloun area, and as might be expected, the ensuing panic has severely damaged the livelihood of thousands of Jordanian families. Moreover, while the prices of eggs and chicken have gone through the floor, the costs of red meat and fish have risen dramatically. One can only speculate as to the damage on the nutrition of people who relied heavily on protein from chicken.

Response from the parliament: The deputies want to fire the minister of agriculture for letting in a shipment of processed Israeli turkey, contending that since bird flu has appeared in Israel, then any poultry from the country is dangerous. What a morale booster. The implication is that Jordanian poultry isn't safe either. Just what we need.

The economy: Dramatic drops in foreign aid and petroleum grants are leading the government to dramatically raise the price of fuel. Meanwhile, the deft diplomacy of Hamas has secured 55 million dollars a month from Arab countries.

Response from Foreign minister: He is busy studying the thoughts of Qaddafi. Yes. We are actually paying him to do that.

Incitement to violence: While the government, parliament and the press syndicate are trying their best to formulate ways to control the press so that THE CARTOON incident isn't repeated (and to make the most of the issue), a columnist in Ad Dustour openly called for killing the Muslim who converted to Christianity in Afghanistan. In Arabic we say that silence is a sign of approval.

Response from the IAF: silence.
Response from the Jordanian Press Association: silence.
Response from the Government: silence.
Response from parliament: silence.
I'm glad that the terror in Amman has taught us the important lesson of the danger of tolerating and condoning religious-based justification of violence. I'm nauseous.


At 10:04 AM, Blogger salam said...

That makes two od=f us..Didn't anyone at all read this dustoor article?

At 1:44 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yea, this is sad. Silence.

Will he be calling for the deaths of Jordanians who have converted also?


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