Sunday, March 05, 2006

Why they can't balance the budget

Al Ghad has a story today, saying that the ministry of health is planning to start charging 20 dinars per unit of blood given to non-Jordanian patients. The paper quotes the minister of health, Saeed Darwazeh as saying that the charge will save the ministry of health half a million dinars a year. According to the story, each unit of blood costs 37 dinars, even though I give it to them for free.

The story goes on to say that 8 thousand units of blood are given to non-Jordanians every year.

Now, I'm not very good at modern math (what they used to call calculus when I went to school), but according to my calculations, 20 dinars per unit times 8000 units equals 160 000 dinars.

Half a million dinars is equal to 1 000 000 divided by 2, which according to my calculations equals 500 000 dinars.

In the end, Darwazeh will be missing 500 000 minus 160 000, which is 340 000 dinars. I suppose that they will need to impose a new tax to make up for the loss.

Slow news day, but I had to share.


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lool, you are making a good argument dude.. h3h3

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