Friday, December 15, 2006

Hire some plumbers, please

The Zerqa river is being polluted by sewage for the second time this year. In January, the problem was solved in a couple of days. This time, the leakage has been ongoing for the last three weeks. I suppose that this time, the press has been slow to report the story. This might explain the complacency shown by the ministry of water and irrigation, who blame “clogged manholes and illegal sewage connections”.

I really have a hard time swallowing this. Does it take three weeks to fix a clogged manhole?

Come to think about it, I can believe it. The water pipe down the street from where I live spurts out a medium sized stream every week when the water is coming. The water authority has probably “fixed” it dozens of times. It is only a ¾ inch pipe, for crying out loud. Can’t they hire a few plumbers?



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