Sunday, April 15, 2007

Backing off

The government has partially backed off taxing safety equipment for new cars. In a new decision yesterday, cars with smaller engines (less than 1600 cc) were again given the previous exemptions. This came after an outcry from car dealers and consumers. The exemptions were removed for the larger cars.

This episode is similar to the time when the government reversed a decision to float the prices of over the counter pain killers. At that time, the government quickly backed off after a public outcry.

It is good that the government is sensitive to public opinion. However, it is worrying that decisions are being made with little consideration for their larger repercussions. I am personally willing to donate a sign to hang it the room where the cabinet meets. This sign would read “think before you decide”.


At 9:37 PM, Blogger Mohanned said...

I would add to your donation to make the sign in bright colors to make it more fun and readable for them..

At 10:05 PM, Blogger Khalaf said...

LOL. Good one. Maybe we can get Barney to explain things for them.

At 3:23 AM, Blogger Blogger said...

And why does it have to be this way?

I mean to get up in the morning reading about some new "magical" law/decision/tax taking place (looks like the only way to get things done since people will object on any suggestion just for the hell of it)

Well, if people stopped using their cellphones for 1 or 2 day as a protest (The one Neera tax) they would have learned their lesson

Anyways, good suggestions guys, I think Emad Hajjaj is up to it.

At 4:00 AM, Blogger Mohanned said...

I bet you that there are more than one barney in the cabinet..

At 1:01 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The old Irbidawy joke like this: The prime minister once ordered the head of the police to impose an immediate road tax of 5 JDs on all passengers crossing the Zarqa river bridge near jarash to amman. After the first week he phoned the Police department and inquired about the collected money and the general obedience of the new tax, the reply was we have around 2 million JD and all are paying well, some even don’t ask for the change of 10 or 20 JDs. Hmmm, the PM said then I think its only fair to raise the tariff to 10 JDs and after all our citizens are mature and love their country. The new 10 JD tax increased the weekly money to 4 millions, the week after the PM asked the head of police to raise the tax to 20 JDs and to give every passenger a good slap on the face by a very strong policeman 9or to do something else…). After a week a big Fardeh of cars, busses, pick ups and Kia vans were parking outside the PM office and asking to meet the prime minister. All had very serious looks and long faces. The PM hurriedly agreed to meet five representatives of the public. He said to the eldest wise man: WHY DO YOU COME HERE AND DISTURB MY VERY BUISSY SCHEDULE.? The man replied its about the new road tax regulations. WHAT ABOUT IT, YOU DON’T SEEM VERY HAPPY ABOUT THIS, ARE YOU? The elderly man said the wise government implemented a 5 JD tax and we paid happily, then it was doubled and we paid that, it then doubled again and we were slapped in the face and some other things we are ashamed to mention. YES, WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME NOW?

The old man replied, I am sorry sir, I really hate to annoy you by our silly unnecessary demands but some government employees started to get late for their work and some people with sick children failed their appointments with the capitals efficient doctors,.. and. He was interrupted by the PM, WHY ARE YOU TELLING ME THIS? YOU DO SEEM TO QUESTION THE WISDOM OF MY DECISIONS, MINDE YOU IT WAS DECIDED ON A CABINET MEETING WITH THREE DIFFERENT GENERATIONS OF MINISTRES AND FATHERS AND SONS AND TECHNOCRATS. The old man said; Sir, I don’t question the wisdom of all this, but we have one suggestion, would you please double the number of the officers who beat the hell out of us just for us to make for work on time.

At 1:39 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Khalaf,

Any chance you might have an english link to the story in this entry?



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