Thursday, January 19, 2006

A fight in parliament

A fight broke out in parliament yesterday between the chair of the IAF parliamentary block (Azzam Huneidi) and the chair of the left leaning Democratic Grouping (Mamdouh Abbadi). This came after the spokesman of the DG, Raed Hijjazin, gave a speech criticizing the general secretary of the Muslim Brotherhood, Abdulmajid Dhuneibat, who had called on the Syrian government to allow democratic reform.

Hijazin's criticism was that Dhuneibat's statement was interference in the internal affairs of Syria. IAF members responded furiously, with Mohammad Abu Fares saying "It is unfortunate that a deputy would attack the Muslim brotherhood, given that it is known who he is and what his affiliation is". Basically, Abu Fares was saying that Hijjazin had no right to criticize the MB because he is Christian. The sentence carries the implication that Christians are less loyal than Muslims. I am sure I will have to wait a long time before I hear an IAF apology to Jordanian Christians for this insult.

Hijjazin is probably the closest Christian in the Jordanian parliament to IAF causes. In his speech in the confidence discussions, he stated that "any compass that does not point to Jerusalem is a treacherous compass", thus criticizing the government for not taking upon itself the liberation of Jerusalem. More interestingly, he voted against the Civil Affairs law that would have given women the right to initiate a divorce (the so-called khulu' law). At the time, he said that the law was designed for "west Amman" women.

The Islamists still haven't gotten their story straight about what they want about Syria. Dhuneibat has stated that the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood should cooperate with Abdulhalim Khaddam to topple the Syrian regime, and the head of the IAF, Hamzeh Mansour saying that the Syrian MB should have nothing to do with Khaddam. So, it is surprising given these disagreements that they would be so sensitive to criticism, calling on the speaker of the house to silence Hijjazin and initiating a shouting match in the corridors of the parliament, complete with vulgar insults. This lashing out has certainly brought the more disturbing characteristics of the IAF to the forefront, showing intolerance to Christians as well as to anybody who dares to criticize them.

Musa Wahsh, another IAF member, suggests that Hijjazin's statement might have been brought about by the refusal of IAF members to vote for him to chair the public freedom's committee of the house. I wonder if he believes in the public freedoms of west Amman women. Another suggested cause is a problem between Abu Fares and Hijjazin, which was covered up "to close a wide gate of sectarian and religious polarization if it were to become known and published". Sounds interesting.



At 4:21 AM, Blogger Batir Wardam said...

Another very enlightening post by Khalaf. There is a "short history" for this fight. During the voting for the head of the "protection of human rights" committee in the parliament, the ultra fundamentalist Mohammad Abu Faris refused to vote for Raid Hihazen as head of committee because he is "christian". Hijazeen is so right in his anger but he should not have attempted to settle the score in the parliament like this.

At 5:06 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i think they should send all those guys packing and elect new ones. that will send an example to intolerance. and i personally think that they should hire a few ordinary citizens (from WEST amman!! buhaha) to help liberalize jordan by working with the poor to establish human rights and education. equality for women .. not just the freedom in the kitchen.. and the parliament should have a whole bunch of Christians. but real ones. and a whole bunch of muslims.. REAL ones. and by real i mean kind, honest, and hardworkers.... how does that sound?? elect me ;) my promise to the jordanian people is we will set up trade schools for men and women. community centers to help them organize their life.. teach them about contraception. daycare centers for them while the women work.. if only to gain self esteem and expand their mind.. banish flip flops and teach all humans not to play with their toes. at least on camera. teach them to raise kids who will grow up to have self confidence.. instead of as their personal slaves. imagine if the next generation grows up respecting their mother as a wage earner. in a community that boys and girls grow up together. so that when i walk down the street i can wear whatever i want.

At 8:38 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


I am very interested in hearing anything else that you know or have read about Dr. Rae'd Hijazin. Unfortunately I cannot read arabic so I cannot follow most of the links in your blog to learn more.

I ask because I will have some dealing with him soon and I am very curious as to what to expect (especially after reading your analysis of the fight in parliament - I am a western woman).

Thank you in advance for any information you can offer. Shukran.

At 6:51 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


What type of "Christian" is the leftist Raid Hihazen?

I would never call Raid Hihazen, a "Christian" as he is a Greek Orthodox polytheist who prays to statues of St. Mary, "mother of God". Raid is no different from polytheists as he prays to human beings - idols.

True Christians reject Trinity and follow Jehovah's Witnesses not the Greek Orthodox Church.

Most Jordanian "Christians" are Greek Orthodox and they pray to statues of Mary and Jesus. Greek Orthodox Church is a Satanic religion.

I suggest Jordan government ban TRINITARIAN pagans and close down all Greek Orthodox Churches.

At 6:55 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


The leftist Raid Hihazen should be beheaded in public - that's how the Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein, who was a Greek Orthodox Christian was hung by Muslim mobs.

No Iraqi likes Saddam Hussein because he was a Christian. We will kill every Christian because they are polytheists and worship TRINITY - three gods.

Muslims are Monotheists and we worship only One God.

Let us destroy all Greek Orthodox Churches and break the idols inside it.


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