Friday, March 31, 2006

More IAF doublespeak

I almost got some good news this morning. Irhail Gharaibeh, first deputy of the head of the IAF had this to say:

We are against any impediment to freedom of the press.
Wow. That's great. Coughing up my coffee came when I read the rest

We support stiffening the penalty for anybody who touches the Religion of the Nation or its Holy symbols or its values.

Now this is more what I would expect. This reminds me to the fake "reform" document that they published a few months ago, with plenty of ambiguity and doublespeak.

Of course, to the casual reader, this all makes perfect sense. Who could be for attacking "anybody who touches the Religion of the Nation or its Holy symbols or its values"? As is always, what this means is open to interpretation, and can be meant to mean anybody who opposes the IAF. IAF deputy Mohammad Abu Fares linked criticizing the IAF with criticizing Islam, with no subsequent explanation or apology.

Or we can just trust them to do the right thing. Why shouldn't they take advantage since everybody is till spooked by THE CARTOONS.

UPDATE: In Al Rai today, Gharaibeh expounded on the need for "responsible" freedom of the press. He thinks that the following shouldn't be considered to be covered by the concept:

1- Offending others.
2- Insults.
3- Libel (I agree here).
4- Lying.
5- Offending a person's religion, beliefs and holy symbols.
6- Insulting prophets (of course).
7- Inciting sectarianism (I wonder what he thought about Abu Fares' insult of Raed Hijazeen. He and others were notably quiet about the subject).

Just for fun, he had to mention that somebody who steals 5 JD's should have his hand amputated (in some cases). Would it insult Islam if I said that this is barbaric and preposterous?