Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Trouble in the IAF

Elaph has a report explaining that political disputes in the Islamic Action Front may soon lead to its fragmentation. The report explains that a schism has developed between Jordanians from Palestinian origins and the East Jordanians in the movement, largely over the amount of energy and resources that should be devoted to Hamas and Islamic Jihad in Palestine. This is an old debate, and it is not clear what factors are bringing it to a head at this point.

What is bizarre about the report is that it claims that East Jordanians are interested in Abu Musaab Al Zerqawi as a potential leader, on the condition that he gives up "apostatizing opponents, slaughter, terror and murder". I suppose that asides from these small character flaws, he would be a perfect leader for the East Jordanian IAF.

I don't know whether to laugh or cry.


At 7:33 PM, Blogger Natasha said...

I read this report this morning and I was shocked when I read the Zarqawi bit. I find it really appalling that their support for Zarqawi is largely due to the fact that he is indigenous Jordanian! I thought IAF (at least East Jordanians) would be more diplomatic and denounce Zarqawi's acts publicly, particularly if want to get involved in the Jordanian mainstream politics. Apparently I was mistaken as the IAF still plays on the emotions of the Arab street that sees Zaraqawi's atrocities as a form of resistance. Sigh!

At 8:10 PM, Blogger Hatem Abunimeh said...

The more they get polarized the better the Jordanian people will be. The benefits gained by their polarization outweigh the prejudicial impact that it is creating. They convey the wrong message at the wrong time for the wrong reason. Every time we get a glimpse of hope indicating that they are relaxing their extremism, they all of sudden turn around and go back to new more improved dogmatic state of affairs. We are sick and tired of this endless vortex. It is time to move on to better and bigger and more universally accepted things different from the usual machination and vindictiveness.

At 8:28 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Naser majali have smething agents the royal family and the iaf the headline of his article tel that i do not think jordanin and palstenin have any problem we dont need anther ahmad awedee naser majali is diping out side the dish .

At 10:55 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This artile is by "elaph" and on "rumors" on what is happening "behind the curtains". Take it with lots of salt. (Elaph is like an international Shihan or Natinoal Inquirer)

Zarqawi is a wanted man in Jordan! no way anybody can consider having him legally in jordan - and definitely not a leader!

I'm not defending IAF (don't agree with them anyways), but I'm criticizing the "news article" itself. Reading it, one can feel an obvious bias against IAF and that they are trying to make fun of islamists. Thus, this might be just anti-IAF propaganda rather than a reflection of reality.

personal opinion.. can never know the "truth" of "behind the scenes" "rumors" :-)


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